Ford Mustang on 400 Meters, Rodrigo's feature film glues the audience to the screens

November 20, 2014

Mr Ford, in Dubai yesterday for a Hollywood-inspired launch of the new Mustang at the Burj Khalifa


Viewers of the light-hearted action spectacle witnessed a dramatic journey that started with a hero atop a cliff in Arizona taking an urgent call. The unknown protagonist raced via horseback, airliner, car, helicopter and jet ski to Dubai to deliver the iconic pony badge.

Only in the final scene on the 112th floor of the Burj Khalifa – 399 meters (1,300 feet) above the ground - was the protagonist revealed with a wink and a nod as Bill Ford, the great-grandson of Henry Ford.

“A century ago Henry Ford had a vision to open the highways to all mankind,” said Jim Benintende, president, Ford Middle East and Africa. “Placing our regional headquarters in Dubai lets us tap the innovation and imagination that’s flourishing here, helping us to bring our founder’s vision to this part of the world.


The launch of the 50th anniversary edition Mustang in Dubai, as part of Ford’s global launch, called for the legend to rise higher than any other car and the terrace of L112 at Burj Khalifa, which stands at an amazing 399.4m above Dubai, served as the perfect venue. To bring a sense of exclusivity to the event, Blink managed to tie in DTCM, Dubai Police, Airports Authority and Emaar to bring it all together. Over 10,000 spectators were privy to the live event in November, which was a perfect combination of a Pre-production film vs live performance stunts based in Downtown, on a 30m x 10m projection screen. It was also streamed live on the web and FME heavily promoted the link across their worldwide markets. The story revolves around the protagonist in the US who as the hero, has to make his way to Dubai to deliver “The Pony”. Part of the story was filmed at actual locations in the US, thus delivering a genuine feel to the film. Guests were in for an exciting surprise as, Bill Ford himself was revealed as the hero at the end of the show. He was seen live as he placed the missing pony on to the Mustang at L112 and announced the news of Ford’s 5th regional HQ being opened in Dubai. The event required an elaborate 5 months of production lead-time. The car was flown to Dubai with a team of 6 Engineers and arrived in a number of flight cases. The next step came in when the car had to be transported up to L112 which took over 7 hours to be completed and more than 30km in elevator travel was accumulated by our team every night. “Project Hightower”was an immense success; with over a million viewers, having watched the Youtube summary and international media having picked up the story of the most spectacular and dynamic car launch ever.


A breathtaking Project for the Ford Mustang launch in middle east.
A Hollywood action film guides to the high light - the Ford Mustang parks on the highest building of the world!
Agency: blink expirience 
film production: film embassy
Creative Director: Oliver Wood
Project Director: Jessica Neumann
Film Director: Rodrigo Kirchner




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